Marina obtained her MA Clinical Psychology degree (with distinction) from the University of Pretoria where she was trained in

most therapeutic modalities. 


Clinical experience

Before her professional training as Clinical Psychologist, she was a Lifeline volunteer counsellor for five years and went on to work permanently for the organisation as Counselling Manager, where she was responsible for the selection and training of counsellors, supervisors and facilitators.

Marina has been exposed to and worked in various environments including in-patient settings, i.e. psychiatric hospitals and private psychiatric clinics, where she worked as part of a multidisciplinary team, giving input at ward rounds and running weekly groups with psychiatric in-patients as well as Dialectical Behaviour Therapy groups. She also worked in out-patient settings, i.e. private practice, clinics and prison, doing individual, couples and family therapy.

Forensic experience

Marina worked for the South African Police Service in the Investigative Psychology Section. During this time she assisted with many psychologically motivated crimes, such as serial rape, serial murder and child sexual abuse, specifically peadophiles. This assistance took the form of analysing crime scenes, assisting detectives with the investigation, interviewing offenders and victims, and compiling pre-sentencing and victim impact reports.  She has testified in numerous criminal cases relating to serial rape, paedophilia, filicide and child pornography. She has also compiled several clinical and neuropsychological reports in civil matters, which have been accepted as evidence in court.


In terms of Clinical Psychology, she attended many courses and workshops on psychoanalytic theory and practice as well as relationship therapy and the impact of trauma. In the Neuropsychology field she attended amongst others, Brain Injury and Expert Witness Training, presented by the South African Medico-Legal Society and Medicolegal Report Writing and Expert Witness Skills Workshop, presented by the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners. In Criminal Forensic Psychology she attended many local courses as well as international training courses, which include Arson Related Cases, Threat Assessment, Medico-Legal Death Investigation, Paedophilia, Child Pornography and Criminal Behaviour Analysis.

She has presented training to SAPS members on Serial Rape, Serial Murder and Muti Murder. She presented training to the National Prosecuting Authority on Psychology and Law as well as at international conferences, for instance at the American Academy of Forensic Sciences’ annual meeting, on the topic of Sex Offenders. Besides training, she also presented papers nationally and internationally at conferences on the topic of Sexual Grooming by Paedophiles.