Individual Adult Psychotherapy

The journey of processing difficulties and learning about oneself is a path which not many people dare to travel, despite the immense rewards such a journey offers. Bringing one’s innermost fears, difficulties and traumatic experiences to the therapy room is not easy. Being cognizant of this, building a trusting relationship with my client and creating a safe space to work in, is of utmost importance to me. As a therapist, this quote by Terence really resonates with me: “I am human; let nothing human be alien to me.” Whether you are in crisis, struggling to cope with a traumatic experience, or whether you simply want to learn more about yourself, as a trained Clinical Psychologist I am able to facilitate this process for you. Please contact me to schedule an appointment and begin your journey along the path of growth. Although I work with most disorders and difficulties, my areas of interest include adult survivors of childhood abuse, including sexual abuse and trauma.


Neuropsychological Assessment

Neuropsychological assessment involves neuropsychological screening and cognitive functioning assessment for impaired cognition caused by brain injury or dementing disorders. A neuropsychological screening tool or an extensive battery of tests is used to detect specific cognitive impairments, which can aid in clinical diagnosis.





This service comprises forensic psychological assessment, a forensic psychological report and courtroom testimony.


Psycho-Legal (Criminal)

Areas of assessment comprise psychological evaluation of offenders (including sexual offenders), risk for violence, risk for sex offending, presentencing evaluations, as well as victim impact reports. 


Medico-Legal (Civil)

Medico-Legal assessments include evaluating the impact of a traumatic incident, whether it is clinical, neuropsychological or both. The report includes opinion regarding the level of impairment that has been caused by the incident and treatment recommendations.